The conference is organised by the Emergency Center for Rape Victims at Stockholm South General Hospital. The clinic opened in October 2005 and about 600-700 patients are seen every year. In Stockholm all sexual assault victim care is centralized to this clinic and it is open 24/7. Patients, who have been referred from other healthcare clinics, emergency departments, and the police, as well as those presenting themselves, are welcome. Since October 2015 the clinic is opened to all patients no matter gender. The patients are offered medical treatment and forensic examination within one month of the sexual assault and after the acute visit everyone is offered psychosocial counselling.


Lotti Helström, MD, PhD Conference President

Anna Tiihonen Möller, MD, PhD Head of organising committee

Torun Carrfors, Forensic Nurse Conference/Event coordinator

Bita Eshraghi, MD Web master